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We LIVE the project with you being as committed about your project as you are.


We Listen, Identify, Verify and Execute the project to your requirements; communicating every step of the way. We assure you that our work will be completed safely, considerately and to a high standard.





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BIDG Construction & Design was founded by Isaiah in 2000. 

Isiah is extremely passionate about his work and invests his all into every project he undertakes. 

With an innate ability to succeed, Isiah adds a whole lot of perfectionism to everything he touches.

BIDG construction and design Ltd has five values that LIVE the behaviours you will expect from any BIDG representative.


We value working in:


In your home, small or large business we will work together in partnership. We will listen to your needs and ensure that this is identified and met. We consider safety and quality to ensure projects are delivered to a high standard.


We will ensure that the project brief is clear. We will establish clear lines of communication to notify you of progress and changes to agreed timescales or project delivery highlighting risks as soon as they are verified.


Our work is guaranteed to last its expected manufactured lifetime. We promise to listen to your needs and provide you with call out within the first year as post service promise, to provide peace of mind.


We want you to know what you are buying and how much it costs. We will identify and provide you with recommendations of works giving you a breakdown of what we suggest you must, should and could do.  Together we will verify the best options to meet your personal needs. 


At BIDG we promote the highest standards of health and safety and take the responsibility to ensure all works are executed safely.



An outstanding experience!


We are highly skilled in the services we offer and we endeavour to turn every customer's dream into reality.


With us, you will be heard, supported, happy and confident that we will deliver because that's what we do best!


Every project we undertake is exceptional and without fail we leave our customers with high quality, clean-cut, pristine finish, carried out in a very professional manner. 


You will receive exactly what you have asked for and more; Whether it's advice and guidance or packages tailored to a budget we will fit your needs.

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